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The Kitehouse
With several locations around the world, The Kitehouse is more than just about learning how to Kiteboard or improve on your existing skills. It's a lifestyle. The Puerto Rican location was also the back drop for our film "Into the Air". With its founder and host, Paul Menta, The Kitehouse draws professional athletes and riders of all skills from every corner of the globe to join the tribe and immerse themselves into the lifestyle of kiteboarding. www.thekitehouse.com

Cabrinha Kiteboarding | www.cabrinhakites.com
Founded by Maui based surfer and big wave rider Pete Cabrinha, the company is a leading manufacturer of performance kiteboarding equipment and all the gear you need.

Best Kiteboarding | www.bestkiteboarding.com
With a unique approach to selling & distributing kite gear, Best provides cutting edge equipment for the beginners to the pros at affordable prices.

Real Kiteboarding | www.realkiteboarding.com
Located in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, Real is a full service kite center from equipment to instructions. Check out their gear selection and range of services.

Lightwave Designs | www.litewavedesigns.com
From boards to bindings and accessories Litewave Dave's got it all. Manufactured to be light, strong, and affordable these boards are worth checking out.